What is a Masternode?

A masternode is an important part of PAC Coin, it provides security to network as well a trustless anonymization of users funds. 

Masternodes cost 500,000 PAC collateral as well as a secured server and a dedicated IP for internet connection. 
For providing the collateral and all the extra work masternodes do, they're provided with the lion's share of any mined blocks, This is provided as a recurring income.

So how can I run a masternode?

Shares in a Node
10,000 PAC
Minimum 60 DaysSign me Up!
Shared Node
50 Shares per Node
Percentage Share of Profits
Full Hosted Node
500,000 PAC
30 Day MinimumSign me up!
Full Node
Fully Hosted Node
Profits are yours

Dedicated Equipment

We run our own equipment, Not some AWS or Azure instance. Custom equipment means we have far more control over performance than you'll get anywhere else


No external connections to our hosts are possible, We run our infrastructure from inside the network, not over the internet


Our Networking equipment has over 2-year uptimes, Our Hosts are only taken down once a month to perform Maintenance, VMs are failed over during maintenance.

24x7 Monitoring

Our main network is for VOIP services as such, we have 24x7 monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and minimum downtime

Turn your PAC into recurring Revenue

Masternodes provide revenue on your initial investment
The amount received is variable based on the number of active nodes
We cannot possibly estimate the income at the moment.
During testing our Initial node returned over 100k PAC in 24 hours

That's obviously outside the normal, but the earlier you get in the more you can earn, it's as simple as that!

Contact us today, You could be making money right now!

If you have any questions, contact me right away,
I'm always available in the Pac Official Discord server - BiztactixRyan
or via Email [email protected]

Force Majeure

Every effort is used to maintain our systems online, However, we must interconnect to the rest of the internet, It is beyond our control to be able to prevent all downtime especially that incurred by our service providers. Notifications will be sent out during if any issues affect the network.

PAC Coin

PAC Coin is under constant development. We make every effort to keep our services online, however we rely on the stability of the PAC Coin client and the PAC network.

This website is not affiliated with PAC Coin officially, I'm just an investor/developer with a bunch of people who asked me to setup something so they can make money on PAC
I am on the Development team for PAC, But that is only to prove that i'm dedicated to the project.